Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Living in Edmonton

So the family and I moved from Spruce Grove into Edmonton. We're closer to work (I'm looking at a transfer this spring) and are living near the downtown core...... the view isn't bad.

Night time has its charms too.

The one downside of our move is that I don't have the room I once had to work on projects. My projects and materials are now confined to a little desk in which I can close the door and all my guys are hidden away from prying eyes.

The project I have set out on the desk  are for a DBA Marian Roman Army. Corvus Belli 15mm Marian Romans. A lively lot who seem to dislike the confines of a DBA Blades base. Very un-roman of them I think.......bloody romans...

Still they are a solid lot. My close ups don't do the lads justice.

It would seem that having a blog is a good way to keep one motivated to paint up their minis. Most of the Edmonton Wargamers Group crew have blogs with great pics and tips. I need all the inspiration I can get to get my minis tabletop ready. My Pendraken 10mm English Civil War in particular. I love the period but I really don't like painting all that much. Lucky for me I have three weeks of leave that I'm burning off so I have some time to get some things done. Like creating a Blog!! Anyways, looking forward to future club game nights and pushing some lead around on the table. I recently picked up a copy of Leader of Men which I find has some neat ideas. I'd still like to get some IABSM games in. That's a great rule set.


  1. Welcome aboard mate! We've missed you, good to see you back.

    A blog is an excellent way to keep your projects on track.

    Got a favourite ECW ruleset for those 10mm guys? I have accumulated a few but have to confess that I am still looking.

  2. Hi Dave.
    Ruleset for ECW, I own Warhammer ECW and Bruce had given me copies of 1644 and For God, King and Country some time ago. Haven't given any of the rules a try. I haven't picked up FOGR yet but I would like to see how it plays.

  3. I have WECW, Forlorn Hope, 1644, Polemos and FoGR. FoGR has some really good mechanics and has outstanding product quality, but it is complex (like FoG). Worth it if you can pick one up on amazon or somewhere for a discount. We should try it sometime.