Saturday, 10 December 2011

Morning Parade

I thought I would have a look at the figures I have painted to decide what I still need to paint and to try and give myself some incentive to get to work.

Here's my 10mm WW2 Canadian Army. Figures are from Pendraken. I have a full Company (3 platoons) of infantry.

Here's a full platoon.

Based three to a stand.

The Platoon Commander and his lackey.

A PIAT team for each Platoon.

A two inch mortar for each platoon. I only have one painted I think. I brought a 2" inert mortar round to the club some time ago. I thought it was pretty cool.
And I have two Vickers guns for the Company.

I have a pile of prepaint priests. The last three on the right I've modified.

I think it was a Canadian Commander (Simmons?) who converted Priests to armoured infantry carriers. I was going to cut off the ammo boxes on the Priests but that's a lot of work on a plastic vehicle. I still have to paint up two of them and attach some decals.
Here are some of the unpainted. four bren carriers, a sniper, some 2" mortars and some crew for Anti-tank guns.
A Typhoon for some close air support.

The rules I have for WW2 are Crossfire, Poor Bloody Infantry, I Ain't Been Shot Mum, a Leader of Men and Panzer Korps. The last two rulesets I haven't tried yet. Crossfire is a very fast-paced game. PBI.....not so much. In PBI if infantry are in cover they are extremely hard to destroy. You have to bring in a big gun and blow them to pieces. I like that aspect. 

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