Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hedge works

Why does it seem you never have enough hedges? I must have 15 feet of bocage and 4 feet of low hedges but when you start to place the stuff on the game board it gets used up so quickly. I have 15 feet of low hedges that I'm working on and this is a comparison with my old stuff.

From left to right, low hedge, "new" low hedge and bocage. 

The low hedge is just a narrow strip painted and flocked.

My new low hedge (centre). I added some clump foliage to the top of my low hedges. I wanted to try to use this as bocage but I don't think it looks heavy enough. I used two colours of clump foliage.

Here is a top view of the three types of hedges I have made. So despite my adding clump foliage to the top of my low hedge it just doesn't have the depth of my bocage.

6" of low hedge finished, 174" of low hedge to go.......

And I still have some more bocage to build. Raw stuff on the left, finished stuff on the right.


  1. Definitely better. No hedge by any field I've seen is a uniform height and width. They often have gaps, bushes etc. and I think your 'new' ones capture that much better.

    1. Thanks. That was the effect I was aiming for. Worked out quite well I think.

  2. LOL, I was flocking hedges last night too!

    Except mine are rubbish...


    1. Seems like one can never have enough hedges.