Sunday, 15 January 2012

Witchfinder General/Savage Worlds-Solomon Kane/Mordheim?

At last Tuesday's EDBAG campaign game (which saw my Carthaginians pasted in two battles, 4-2 and 3G-0) I saw a copy of Witchfinder General. One of the guys picked it up (Dave?) from Mark. Looks interesting.

My uncle used to read Solomon Kane comic books which I thought were cool. Nothing cooler than a dour puritan busting up demon's heads. Savage Worlds also came out with a Solomon Kane ruleset which also looks interesting.

But I know nothing of the Savage Worlds ruleset. I don't know anything about the turn sequence, what die are used, etc. I guess I should read up on it. I had thought of trying to use the Call of Cthulhu role playing system and adapting it to a quick play table top game using 2d6 instead of the d20. I like the skill advancement in CoC. It's quite simple. If you perform a task extremely well you have a chance to increase your skill.

Here's a bit of strageness, I like the demon creation rules used in Stormbringer, another Chaosium product. You can create any type of creature using their rules.

But don't worry about the pale elf (ahem, Melnibonean) on the front cover, I remember the EWG motto, "no elves allowed". ;)
I'll be sticking with 10mm for tabletop wargames but to hunt witches I'll need something a little bigger.
An unfortunate incident has stalled my 10mm army building. In my move to the city I seemed to have misplaced a pile of my unpainted 10mm's. So my ECW, Polish WW2, English WW2, German WW2 and some French WW2 are all packed up safe and secure and stuffed away in my storage locker. Humph!


  1. Time to hunt up the carpet knife and head off to the storage locker. Unless you packed that too...

    We allow elves now. But no dwarves.

  2. Elves, dwarves, goblins...we've seen it all, mate. In fact, I'm quite proud of my GW High Elves (gasp!) who have kicked a lot of butt in WHFB at EWG. All are welcome!

    Yes it was I who picked up Witchfinder General, I plan to run it at the club one day since I have hordes of Mantic undead and ECW in 28mm looking for something to do.

    Bummer about the box. You'll just have to start a new scale and genre...

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    1. did go back to the storage locker and check the boxes I thought my miniatures were in, but no luck. Seems the box I packed them in, is further in the storage locker. With it being between -20 and -30 this week I think it may just be easier to start a new some 28mm Witch Hunters, haha! I figured some fairie folke infiltrated the ranks which, in truth, is fine with me. See you guys this Tuesday.

  4. I think there are other powers at work here, preventing you from returning to 10mm, and summoning you to fight the larger evil that lurks behind resin terrain and GW trees...;)